All our jobs include two coats of paint on all surfaces. If there’s need for priming before painting, we’ll make sure to let you know during the estimate and charge you accordingly. Any additional coat once the job gets started is charged at a $1.0 per sq/ft rate, $178 minimum per room (shown in the contract).

We make sure to put all large furniture to the center. We then cover it in plastic to make sure that no debris or paint falls on it. No gallons of paint or materials are placed over the covered furniture. Any small items or frames on the walls are responsibility of the customer prior to the painters’ arrival.

We offer a one-year warranty in all of our projects. This will be clearly stipulated in the contract.

All of the projects are done by our crew. These are all professionals who have been properly interviewed and are of our full trust.

We don’t charge more if you want to have accent colors in certain rooms, but we do charge more for dark colors. Usually these require a coat of primer first or three coats of regular paint, so we charge accordingly when we do the visit or during the job (additional cost is shown in the contract).

We always make sure to leave at least half a gallon of the tinted gallons used at your place once the job is completed. Any untinted gallons, like white flat or white semigloss, we take with us unless you want it for future use or reference.

This is more common than you think! Most customers prefer to get work done while away and the place is empty. We usually reach out at the end of the day with some photos and description of what was done that day. There’s always a supervisor on-site to make sure everything is exactly as you left it--except for the phenomenal paint job, of course!

With over 200 5-star reviews to-date, we can say we have plenty! We also save our customers information in a database by location, so you can reach out to someone who was happy with our services in your area. That’s another level of caring!

For exterior paint, the spring, summer and fall are the best seasons. Interior usually gets busier by holidays and cabinets is more regular in the beginning of the New Year.

Thank you for choosing us! In order to move forward, we send you a formal contract to be reviewed and signed digitally in Adobe Sign. From there, we take care of the deposit with you and send you a paint color form to be filled out whenever you know your colors. It’s that easy!

Once we start a job, we don’t leave it! Unless a major and beyond-our-control event takes places, we will stick with your project until the end. We have a 98% successful completion rate. We mean what we talk about!

We only do minor repairs (filling nail holes, fixing nail pops and caulking gaps). We don’t level imperfection on surfaces or major drywall repairs. We rather leave it to the professionals in those areas!

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